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Friday, May 26, 2017

Lucky + Love: Lucky + Love

Fans of Phantogram and Chromatics will love the S/T debut from L.A. synthpop duo Lucky + Love. The eight tracks have a nice lo-fi feel, stunning synth pads, and of course, towering vocals, swirling through a reverb drenched electronic ether of beats and melody. This is the kind of building with textures, sequences and melodic structures that producers savior. Watch the video for album track Digging In The Earth, then stream and buy Lucky + Love at the link below.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

King Salami & the Cumberland 3: Goin' Back To Wurstville

Goin' Back To Wurstville is the rollicking new garage punk album from UK band King Salami & the Cumberland 3, on Dirty Water Records. The fourteen tracks jump through energetic, 50's inspired garage punk that is fast and snotty. The album has enough twang to clean your teeth and the kind of energy that pisses off the cops. Just perfect in every way, so watch the video for the title track, then stream and buy Goin' Back To Wurstville at the link below.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Clustersun: Surfacing To Breathe

If you want to find one of the best of the new crop of shoegaze bands, one need look no further than Italian group Clustersun. Their new album, Surfacing To Breathe is a dark, heady trip into atmospheric rock, that will satiate the most jaded shoegazer. With judicious use of noise, towering guitars, and enough effects to cause a power drain, this album is a masterpiece of edge. A definite must have. Stream and buy Surfacing To Breathe at the link below.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Foreign Resort: She Is Lost

FZB favorites The Foreign Resort are back with a new track, She Is Lost. The track has a huge 80's anthem sound to it ala Joy Divisdion. This is a band we just like more with every release. They are crowdsourcing a video for the single and also gearing up for a tour. Show them some love and get details at the link below.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Labrador Records: Greatest Hits Summer 2017

Stockholm based indie label, Labrador Records, have released a wonderful compilation, Greatest Hits Summer 2017. The 10 tracks are lush synthpop with stylistic depth and catchy songs. Featuring such stalwarts as Radio Dept. The Legends and Djustin, the album dances you into the summer with some of the best Swedish pop on offer, and the best part being it's a free download. Stream and download Greatest Hits Summer 2017 at the link below.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Mind Dweller: Mind Dweller Demo

Indie label Sorry State Records have done a cassette release of the demo from new Raleigh, North Carolina band Mind Dweller. The four tracks are punk rock the way it's meant to be played...hard, fast and snotty. Featuring members from some of the key Raleigh hardcore bands of the last several years, this riff driven demo deserves to be an outright EP release and shows the label's commitment to finding and releasing great punk music. Stream and buy the Mind dweller demo at the link below.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Micah Gaugh: Stars Are A Harem

Stars Are A Harem is the fourth album from NYC artist Micah Gaugh. The thirteen tracks are a quirky jazz imbued collection of avante-garde works that forego swing, for a more intimate statement from an artist with a unique sense of melody and song structure. Rather than coming off as an album of independently conceived pieces, the tracks seem to be variations on a common theme, that become a bit cumbersome in their totality. Stream and buy Stars Are A Harem at the link below.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Radiant Baby: It's My Party

It's My Party is the debut EP release from Montreal based Radiant Baby. The six tracks are 80's tinged synthpop, with retro synth pads and nice danceable beats. The EP showcases a unique reinvention of new wave with catchy songs, that are big on fun and eschew pretense. As such this is music to enjoy rather than to dissect, so go out and enjoy it. Watch the video for EP track Save Me From Myself and then stream and buy It's My Party at the link below.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Principe Valiente: Oceans

Sockholm based Principe Valiente are back with Oceans, there first new album in three years. The FZB favorites deliver eight tracks of inspired post-punk with their trademark 80's vibe. Darkish, with towering instruments and atmospheric vocals, the band have crafted an album that will stand as their best work to date. Channeling all the best traits of bands like Cocteau Twins and New Order, but with a sonic vibe that is original rather than derivative. This record is strong through and through. Watch the video for album track Strangers In The Night, then stream and buy Oceans at the link below.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Layla Frankel: Tame The Fox

Tame The Fox is the debut EP from Chicago singer/songwriter Layla Frankel. The six tracks are spirited folk-rock with tight harmonies, catchy songs, understated instrumentals and loads of Frankel's wonderfully expressive voice. With leanings from blues to jazz, this EP is a singular showcase of the artist's writing and vocal chops, with all else placed to enhance appearance like a chef plates an entree. Evocative, intimate and thoroughly enjoyable, is what the listener can expect. This is the type of artist one might find on the new incarnation of A Prairie Home Companion, rather than a work in step with current indie genres. Stream and buy Tame The Fox at the link below.